As a fashion designer, I receive inquiries for all kinds of apparel. One proving further out of my niche market was an inquiry about bag production. Although I am a brand owner, at the end of the day, I am a seamstress. Thus, the answer to the question, "Could you make us bags if we give you a sample to go off of" was ultimately yes.




Bag production was an area I wasn't as experienced in and it took quite a bit of research to find the best and most cost efficient methods to produce the desired Haversacks. The goal was to take a more modern approach to traditional army haversacks. After researching fabrics, notions like buckles, drawcords, eyelets, poliwebbing, etc, and how long it would take me to produce each bag, I developed a presentation of what the new and improved bags would look like as well as different color ways if desired.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 8.59.02 PM.png


December 2020

The 1st prototype was made to look exactly like the sample bag as far as pattern shape. We change the duck canvas to a wax canvas and implemented clip release buckles instead of adjustable sliders on all the straps and pockets. This prototype was approved with changes.



December 2020

The 2nd prototype adjusted even more about the first that made it more user friendly and more modern. Based on this prototype, production was officially approved and began. The first delivery of 15 bags took place in January 2021.


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