I've gotten into the habit of making gowns for special occasions. Entering into the holiday season gave me an opportunity to design something festive as well. This gown was named after the first model who wore it other than myself.




This power suit was designed and crafted with the purpose of filling a photographer's idea to do a champaign photoshoot.



This gown was inspired by a Bohemian theme. A photographer came to me with this creative direction for a photoshoot and I couldn't have loved the idea more. Thus I set out to create the perfect dress for it.




This silk gown was made to wear as a cocktail dress to formal evening events. It also made its depute on this talented model at a photographing/model meet-up and was photographed by many talented artists. Check it out!



My photographer friend Roberto came to me with an idea for a photo shoot with a powerful message. He envisioned two female models wearing enchanting black gowns with their  mouths covered. The message he wanted to convey was the struggle women have overcome for their voices to be heard. I knew we couldn't shoot with just any dresses. Thus, these two gowns were crafted to help communicate this message.



JUNE 2019

This dress can also be found in a different form within my Big Hair Ball 2019 Collection. The dress was completely deconstructed and then converted into a brand new design.


JUNE 2019

Birch trees are known for their exquisite white bark that grows on them. It sets them apart from all other trees because of its uniqueness and extraordinary appearance. With the fabric choices available, there was not one that would truly capture the essence of its likeness. I decided to create my own fabric through tireless experimentation. My intention was to
accomplish this and to elevate my design into the wearable work of art you see today. With perseverance and determination, my success with the experimental techniques allowed me to
create an entire collection with its similarities. This, therefore, deems my piece an experimental creation. If I succeeded, I would go onto creating an entire collection with its similarities. And if I failed, hours, money and materials would all be lost. This piece was submitted to the 2019 International Textile Association Archive.



MAY 2019

I found myself having finished up two fashion shows come April and was without direction once they were over. Now it's May and i'm craving creativity once again. So when people ask me why I say because I wanted it and because I can. So because I can, check out my newest creation, my Birthday Dress!


MAY 2019

I was commissioned to work on this unique project and couldn’t have been happier to do so. This dress was part of my Spring 2019 Collection that debuted at my school fashion show as well as Twin City Fashion Week but was altered to fit my little sister to wear to her first prom.



APRIL 2019

This carefully hand sewn suit was crafted with the desire to make something wearable, fashionable, and comfortable. By using a suiting fabric made with a stretch wool, the Newell suit was about to be all that it was desired to be.



The goal of this project was to construct an outfit entirely out of denim but do so in a new and innovative way. Thus, i set out to create a denim look that is out of the ordinary. Denim is often equated with casual. But my design was intended to stand out and be considered a high fashion look. I decided to pair a sporty denim jacket with an exaggerated flared short to create this high fashion denim look.



                OCTOBER 2018

This design is the second production of an already existing CassB design under the title "President's Dress". This dress was altered slightly from its original design and was given a slit, 3/4 sleeves, and no bells cuffs due to the 100% non stretch wax fabric. This fabric was woven in Nigeria and brought over to the states to be fashioned into a beautiful cocktail dress. This dress was worn to "African Night" at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The clutch is also a CassB made to match.


                  OCTOBER 2018

This dress was designed and worn during the UNCG Threads Pink Power Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show 2018 while on stage introducing the show. It was named after the guest speaker Gina DeChambeau who is not only my sweet coworker but also a breast cancer survivor. This dress appeals to a sexy but classy aesthetic featuring a textured wool/polyester blend and a mesh embroidered cutout in the bodice front and back.



                  OCTOBER 2018

This design was beautifully hand beaded, and crafted out of denim and tulle. Once completed, it was named after the woman that wore it, Vickie. Not only is she one of the most precious women I have had the pleasure to meet but is also a breast cancer survivor. She asked me to fashion a denim design for a fashion show she was in called "Fight Like a Girl" held at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Greensboro. This fashion show was dedicated to breast cancer awareness.



Chanel is a brand I aspired to create quality similar to. After finding yards of this tweed, I set out to make a matching coat and skirt set with a pink silk lining. Functional buttons for the coat and decorative beads for the skirt finished up this polished, classic, and timeless look.

IMG_16961 (1).jpg


                     MAY 2018

The idea for this cover up was born out of a unique gift wrapping paper. My aunt Margaret, and reason for the name of the cover up, for a birthday present wrapped my gift in an antique linen fabric that was intended for a curtain. After analyzing the weight of it, I thought it would flow really well and be airy during the hotter temperature. This made for perfect bathing suit cover up fabric. Cleverly styled as a skirt, it doubles as both.


                  MARCH 2018

This dress was originally just a class project at UNCG. When finished and posted to my portfolio, the head of Winston Salem, NC Fashion Week reached out to me and wanted to do a photoshoot with the dress on a hand picked model and use the finished product as the face of Winston Salem Fashion Week. This dress has been modeled both by myself and Olivia Hill. Thus the dress is named "Olivia".



                    2017 - 2018

The accessories I have come to dabble in generally have come because I wanted an additional accent to an already created design, or I simply had an excess of fabric, and thought why not have a matching bag. in addition to the clutches and handbags, I designed and created two separate sets of shoulder pads. The first pair was produced by fashioning boning as the connecting structure pieces, hand cut fringe glued on by fabric glue, and an excessive amount of hand beading. The second was fashioned after enjoying the process so much after the first pair by also utilizing the boning as the connecting structures, feathers fabric glued to the shoulder pad bases, and more hand cut and measured fringe. the latter of which Is feature in the collections page under Pink Power 2017


                      JULY 2017 

I had always wanted a pair of high waisted white slacks but could never find a pair that was either long enough, high waisted enough, flow enough, or even the right color. After feeling defeated on my shopping dilemma, I decided to design and make a pair for myself. The tie and bow came from a mistake I was originally trying to cover up on the first pair. But resulted in quite the unique feature in later productions as show in the pink and grey pair.

#OOTD #CassB #handmadedesigns _Made this


JUNE 2016

Rompers were coming into style at this time and I had always had a hard time finding one that fit me correctly. Making one directly from my measurements made the most sense. Using a faux snakeskin, the above romper was fashioned and decorated with a tie and bow; as previously seen in the Sass Pants.