June 2019

Photographer: Stephanie (Stahr Studio)
Model: Vincent Kun Yang
Birch trees are known for their exquisite white bark that grows on them. It sets them apart from all other trees because of its uniqueness and extraordinary appearance. With the fabric choices available, there was not one that would truly capture the essence of its likeness. I decided to create my own fabric through tireless experimentation. My intention was toaccomplish this and to elevate my design into the wearable work of art you see today. With perseverance and determination, my success with the experimental techniques allowed me tocreate an entire collection with its similarities. This, therefore, deems my piece an experimental creation. If I succeeded, I would go onto creating an entire collection with its similarities. And if I failed, hours, money and materials would all be lost. This piece was submitted to the 2019 International Textile Association Archive.